Christopher Beer Architect
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Aperture House

Sharp folds to the roof form are used to give this home a vertically-profiled viewing aperture. Designed by Christopher Beer Architect Limited.


Aperture House

Set within a rural landscape, this house sits on and digs into the site. The form of the building is primarily rectangular but in places is folded and cut away to frame particular views.

A tall, rectangular aperture frames an expansive view from the living room towards the steeply-sloping eastern landscape. Combined with floor-to-ceiling glazing, the proportion of the aperture shifts the perspective from horizontal to vertical—emphasising the slope of the landform below.

Recessed terraces to the north and south provide partially-sheltered spaces that give protection from the elements and frame horizontal views of the gently-rolling landscape. Bedrooms are enclosed spaces with only a smaller, single aperture from which to view.