Christopher Beer Architect
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Another Round

Table produced for Drawings–Object. Finalist in the HOME Magazine + Fisher & Paykel Design Awards 2018


Another Round – A.K.A. LL Cool Table

A two-person cafe table, conceptually comprising a round tabletop on a twin-legged base.

Apparently composed of two parts, it can be read as either top and base or light and dark. On closer inspection, it comprises four elements: two disks of different sizes and materials and two equal legs holding them apart—or anchoring them together

The design is an exercise in reduction, a reworking and refinement of a common object—conveyed in four pen strokes. Top and base are round, providing a visually balanced, soft-edged object. The base is small and thin, providing easy interface with the legs of chairs and humans.

Surfaces are varied, determined by function and fabrication; the marble, for example, has a honed finish to the top face where smoothness is required, whereas the water jet-cut edge is left rough and unpolished.


Designed for Drawings–Object & available from